About the workshop


Vision of Palate is his award winning workshop developed to educate people with visual disbilities about the sense of taste, flavor and aromas.

World renowned chef, author, caterer and cooking instructor Vikas Khanna has developed a ground breaking workshop series for the visually disabled, which is taught at The New York Public Library this spring. The work-shops are based upon his research on The Power of Palate, the benefit of taste on people with visual disabilities.

During these workshops the students start with a tasting of a single spice or herb at a time and define it in the words like "sweet, savory, hot, spicy, refreshing, cold, soothing, woody, aromatic, licorice, fragrant etc" After the first session they are served rock salt flavored lemonade to cleanse the palate.

The second session begins with a little more complex flavors or blends of spices. Again, the students have to define the flavors based on aromas, textures and flavors. This lesson enables them to understand that they are blessed with the ability to distinguish with such sensitive details. Chef Khanna also stresses the sensitive points of the palate. After this course the students are served yogurt sorbet with grapefruit soup to cleanse the palate again.

With a few minutes of the break they are served small tasting to desserts, which are all truffles with different fillings like orange rinds, mangoes, coconut, coffee, lime and cardamom.

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